About Shiny Nail Polish

Shiny Nail Polish is 5-Free indie polish brand released in the Summer of 2016. Every single bottle of polish is handcrafted and uniquely formulated with high-quality ingredients. For all the animal lovers out there, all products are guaranteed to be animal cruelty-free and vegan! Currently, there are over 130 different polishes available for purchase. Shiny Nail Polish can be found on eBay and Etsy. If you have any questions, feel free to contact Shiny Nail Polish or follow social medias to get the latest updates.

Number of polishes sold so far: 988+

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Meet the Seller

Thank you so much for visiting my website. My name is Connie and based in Bellevue, Washington. I recently graduated from the University of Washington majoring in Sociology with a minor in Law, Societies, and Justice. Nail art has always been a hobby of mine since I was young. On January 27th, 2016, I decided to share my nail art on Instagram. My passion for nail art grew and I wanted to try mixing colors that I could not find in stores. I was inspired to create my own nail polish line after the positive feedback I got from sharing some of my creations. After many months of research and experimenting, Shiny Nail Polish was released the Summer of 2016. I'm excited to share with you all the colors I've created from basic colors to linear holographic polishes. I do everything from designing the labels to formulating the polishes. These polishes are all handmade with love and guaranteed to be fresh as my polishes are made to order. To satisfy the different polish preferences, I have over 130 unique colors to choose from. I appreciate all the support for my small business. If you have any questions or want to talk, please feel free to message me about anything! I would love to get to know you all. Have a great day 🙂



Connie Do